M Micalleff Black for Women Edp 100ml


Black is a still very new (released in October 2011), but this fragrance deserves your very careful attention. Black Ananda is an ultra feminine fragrance which you might wish to call a great classic from the time of the soft feminine looks of 50s, but its delicious floral, juicy and graciously powdery melody doesn’t sound old to me. No way. I only can wish fragrances of this quality and power ruled today. The star of this season in the Micallef line is ylang-ylang, which shares its sweetness and delightful fruity juiciness with jasmine, tuberose and neroli in the heart of Black Ananda. The top notes reveal a combination of orange bigarade, fresh lemon and irresistible plum. The final notes give a powdery soft impression and help the flowers (this is a floral fragrance) to sit comfortably on your skin. The nose behind this fragrance is Jean-Claude Astier.

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